What to do in Santorini



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What to do in Santorini

The obvious activity is to walk along the edge of the caldera and admire the views. The walks in and around Fira are amazing, starting from the north to Firostefani and Imerovigli along Caldera Street. Keep walking and you will eventually reach Oia, but be aware that this is not a small business and the path beyond Imerovigli can be rough. It is about 9 miles across, and a good three to four hour walk in one direction.

Wine tasting

The cheerful wines of Santorini are its crisp dry whites and the amber dessert wine, colorless, known as Vinsanto. Both come from the domestic grape variety, assyrtiko. About a dozen local vineyards host tastings (usually for a small fee) and some offer food, with landscapes and local products combining excellent results. Start your search at the great, delicious SantoWines.


The intrigue of Santorini goes deep into the past, with the fascinating point of the Cape showing a Minoan city destroyed by the volcanic eruption of 1613 BC. In Fira, the impressive Museum of Prehistoric Thera helps capture the history of the ancient Cape.


Nature’s handicrafts are on display from any location in the seaside village, but the sunset capital is in Oia, where thousands of tourists flock to admire (and applaud) at night.


Take a dip: in the hotel’s infinity pool or in your suite’s private diving pool, from the edge of a boat on a caldera cruise or on a black sand beach on the east coast.


Santorini is famous for its beaches, mainly because they do not follow the standards of white sand and blue, clear waters. The island has many geological peculiarities, creating many changes in the soil, with the result that even the beaches follow this variety.

Red Beach

If Mars had a beach it would probably look like this. In the southwestern part of the island, very close to the village of Akrotiri, you will see the scene getting wilder. You will notice people coming and going blushing. Follow them and they will take you on the path to the crimson beach. You will pass between large boulders, and you will suddenly see an Aryan scene, with distant rocks and the sea making a difference, with incredible color palettes – one is the palette with many shades or colors – of deep emerald and blue. It would be good to have your sportswear with you, to make the trip more comfortable. Do not worry about the rest. The Red Beach is well organized, with sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as a separate canteen. Also, you may meet someone wandering selling watermelon slices, do not hesitate, cool down!

Vlychada beach

You will definitely seek your peace and privacy, so it is worth seeing the beach of Vlychada. There are many who say that it is the most beautiful beach of Santorini and not unjustly. The landscape combines the white and the unique formations on the rocks with the black of the volcanic sand, creating a fascinating contrast that evokes a lunar landscape. When you reach the beach, you will find some umbrellas and sunbeds, but they do not limit you to explore the coast further by going to the right. It would be a good idea to have waterproof beach shoes with you, because on most beaches in Santorini, as in this one, you may find large stones or rocks.

Akrotiri beach

Swimming in the shadow of history. This beach is located southwest of the island, after the settlement of Akrotiri, between Faro and Mavro Vouno. It may not be characterized as the most picturesque beach of Santorini, but it is considered one of the most deserted. Do not expect comforts, as there are neither sunbeds nor a canteen. These “shortcomings”, however, you will automatically forget when you see the crystal clear waters and the magnificent view. So, if you are looking for a solitary swim with the other story, on a cosmopolitan island like this, then Akrotiri is the answer!


Any tour that your heart desires can be organized – there are dozens of organizations ready to help you with visits from the winery, excursions to archeological sites, sunset watching and much more. The most popular choice is a cruise and the classic route takes the volcanic islands of the Caldera of Nea Kameni and Old Kameni, including a stop at the crater of the former and its hot springs.


Sure, there are views that stop you in your tracks and admire how A-listers travel. But far from Santorini’s travel titles, there is plenty to explore, from a beautiful outdoor cinema to a cool miniature, wine caves decorated with works of art and culinary demonstrations and classes celebrating Santorini’s growing food culture.

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