Intercourse positions Flying Seagull to last long

We have built this post according to the Historic Chinese Fangzhongshu (sexual abilities and approaches) intercourse positions. These positions may well be useful when you have premature ejaculation and/or the erection is gentle.

 The posting aims at managing early ejaculation applying nonmedical therapies of ancient Chinese abilities and approaches of intercourse, also named historical Fangzhongshu.

Intercourse Positions to overcome PE & ED

 The one intercourse place that has drawn all my focus is the flying seagull intercourse placement. This intercourse placement appears to be the ideal sexual intercourse placement for men acquiring early ejection, some sort of ejaculatory condition, or acquiring a soft erection. Permit us start with other intercourse positions or techniques that will assistance you delay the ejaculation.

 The therapies for PE which includes the historic Chinese  Fangzhongshu are analyzed. Its scientific aspects can improve reproductive wellbeing. The cure solutions can aid persons impacted by PE.

 Fangzhongshu is an historical Chinese therapy of wonderful benefit and should be researched and utilized as a system for Premature ejaculation. Although PE is very prevalent around the globe, as significant as 20% to 30%, only a number of seek out professional medical enable.

There are 3 main procedures of managing PE incorporate nonmedical treatment that involves behavioral remedy and psychotherapy, clinical treatment that includes pharmacology and surgery, and blend therapy that involves both of those. Nonmedical remedy is protected and successful.

Definition of PE

The Global Society of Sexual Medicine defined untimely ejaculation as ejaculation that happens in significantly less than a moment of vaginal penetration, a significant reduction in ejaculatory latency, inside 3 minutes or fewer, inability to delay ejaculation right after vaginal penetrations, psychological and psychological effects as distress, annoyance, avoidance of sex.

Behavioral treatment and psychotherapy       

 Behavioral therapy consists of the cease-get started and Masters and Johnson squeeze strategy. These techniques slowly direct to setting up sexual self-confidence and self-esteem. These shorter-phrase added benefits of behavioral therapy documented a achievement rate amongst 45%-65%.

entails psychological interventions to assist guys create skills to hold off

Nonmedical therapies of historic

Diverting your consideration all through intercourse just right before ejaculation

Yufangzhiyao is a strategy to delay ejaculation by carrying out some pursuits when he is about to ejaculate. He can his head immediately, open up his eyes, appear around, and shrinking the decreased abdomen stomach. Also, He can keep breath when the sperm seems to fluctuate.

Yulingyanfang states the penis will be organization. It will help you past for a longer period during intercourse if you maintain a capsule of tianwanbuxin dan, a compound used in Chinese drugs, a kind of tranquilizer, in the appropriate hand. You need to have to hold this pill with all your seriousness and intent. You will need to set your coronary heart and soul into it for the duration of the intercourse session.

Command Mental Excitement to manage PE

Psychological stress and anxiety and anxiety can boost sexual arousal will increase quickly and speeds up the ejaculation time as premature ejaculation.

Combining these two techniques, the behavioral gestures and the holding of the tablet can lengthen sexual intercourse by managing ejaculation. These procedures will divert your consideration from intercourse to other behavioral part and the tablet help in your palm.  

This is termed the “idea shifting” procedure or diverting attention. This eases the worry by visually sifting your focus, increasing your head, opening your eyes, and seeking close to, and clenching a capsule in the palm.

Acupuncture Level and Tranquilizing Influence

In addition, tianwangbuxin dan is a form of tranquilizer and by clenching it in your palm. It can promote Pc8, a form of acupuncture issue. It belongs to the hand, has the functionality of sedation. This decreases the stress and anxiety and worry which are the results in of early discharge in adult men.

Suppressing lower stomach to raising ejaculation threshold

Enhanced penile sensitivity and a minimized ejaculation threshold reduce the ejaculatory latency, triggering untimely ejaculation. Pressing the reduce stomach raises the ejaculation threshold serving to in treating untimely ejaculation.

Interruptions throughout intercourse just before sensation the ejaculation urge

The Sheshengzongyao implies you will need to eject the penis when the client feels the urge to ejaculate. This will help to manage your mind’s enjoyment. Right after getting rid of the penis, you will need to breathe deeply to suppress the ejaculation inclination. Keep away from performing any action at the second. Never worry about the penile erection as it will restore immediately after some time, and you can begin the sexual intercourse.

Ejaculation will prevent if you remove the penis. This interrupts the momentum of the sexual want. Eject the penis slowly and gradually, without the need of hurry or panting.

Just take some rest immediately after penis ejection and breaking the momentum of the intercourse. You can retain stimulation with your lover throughout the relaxation. As soon as the erection is restored, you can resume sexual action.

You can eject the entire or fifty percent of the penis promptly when you sense the urge to ejaculate, but attempt not to do it in a hurry as it might damage you or your spouse.

The act of interrupting ejaculation can reduce excitement in the anxious technique and support you reach a therapeutic effect for premature ejaculation.

The initially strategy interrupts the intercourse momentum by removing the penis right away when an imminent ejaculation urge is felt.

Contracting of Anus & Respiration in deep

Yet another procedure is to push the entrance of the anus in the perineum and breathe deeply to divert your head and suppress pleasure. The system will involve repeating the suppression of sexual excitement by interrupting, respiration in, and by contracting the anus.

Choose rest by breaking the momentum of
intercourse and ejaculation

The next approach is intentionally suspending or discontinuing intercourse. Taking relaxation in in between the act of intercourse helps tranquil down and restore energy ahead of resuming the sexual intercourse. You can get rid of the complete penis or 50 percent of the penis if you really feel the urge to ejaculate rapidly at the commence.  

Intercourse positions–Flying Seagull

Listed here arrives the much-awaited and Dongxuanzi introduced system of “flying seagull sex”. This will involve a posture wherever the gentleman stands by the bed. He raises the feet of his girl and penetrates the penis within the vagina. This posture is identified as a traveling seagull until finally you raise the woman’s legs outward that resembles a flying seagull.

you adjust your sexual or entire body posture, you can encounter a therapeutic effect
that will enable you in minimizing impotence, ejaculatory condition, and other sexual
dysfunction. It will boost the high quality of your intercourse.

The standing situation for gentlemen is comfortable and allows management ejaculation time. The organic physical energy of guys in this position will make it simpler to penetrate the vagina. This could enable adult males reduce psychological nervousness and anxiety of insertion. This boosts the length of intercourse and delays the urge to ejaculate.

This situation tends to make it less difficult to stimulate the G-location in a woman in the vaginal wall. This is around halfway between the pubic bone and the cervix. This posture increases sexual satisfaction for the two.


Fangzhongshu is a established of ancient sexual approaches based mostly on Taoist imagined. The key ideas of sexual harmony, foreplay right before intercourse are essential guiding rules of the remedy. Fangzhongshu can be bundled in modern day clinical practice just after vital assessment. Its scientific features should really advantage individuals’ reproductive health. Fangzhongshu is only a summary of the encounters of personal professionals and evaluated via the medical observation of massive samples. It requirements even more scientific and scientific review ahead of it is advocated. 

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